Ethiopian Forces Arrest 50 Suspects Plotting Terrorist Attacks in Addis Ababa


Ethiopian security forces have made an arrest in thwarting potential terrorist threats in the capital city, Addis Ababa. The Ethiopian Intelligence Service recently announced the arrest of 50 individuals suspected of being part of “a clandestine group planning acts of terrorism and violence targeting Addis Ababa and its surrounding areas.” local media reported.

According to official statements, the covert group had been operating from bases in Addis Ababa and Menjar-Shenkora in the North Shoa area of the Amhara region. These locations served as training grounds for specialized armed forces allegedly affiliated with the group.

Disturbingly, the group is accused of collaborating with certain factions within the Ethiopian Orthodox Church (EOTC) to facilitate their covert activities. The churches were reportedly used as centers for planning and coordination, raising concerns about the exploitation of religious institutions for nefarious purposes.

The arrests were made possible through a meticulous undercover operation that spanned five months, culminating in the apprehension of the suspects. Among the seized items were a Shisha gun, explosive devices, currencies from various countries, bank documents, and assorted incriminating materials.

Nigatu Gebreyesus, also known as Abraham, was identified as the alleged leader of the group, while Fasil Getachew and Tewolde Birhan were reportedly responsible for managing the group’s finances, logistics, and resources. Their arrests mark a significant milestone in dismantling the terrorist network’s infrastructure.

The Ethiopian government has reaffirmed its commitment to maintaining peace and security within the country, urging vigilance and cooperation from the public in identifying and reporting suspicious activities.


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