Somalia: Government Leaders Gather to Discuss Strategies for Countering Violent Extremism in Somalia


Government officials, ministers, and Members of Parliament gathered in Mogadishu yesterday to commemorate the International Day for the Prevention of Violent Extremism conducive to Terrorism. The event, organized by the Tubsan Center,(Somalia’s national Centre for preventing and countering violent extremism) aimed to “raise awareness of the global threats associated with violent extremism.”

The annual observance seeks to highlight the importance of preventing and countering violent extremism worldwide. Attendees at the event discussed strategies and initiatives to address the root causes of extremism and promote peace and stability in Somalia.

“Today, the Tubsan team marked the second anniversary of the International Day for the Prevention of Violent Extremism with an event held at the Prime Minister’s Office in Mogadishu. State Minister for the Office of the Prime Minister, Jamac Gaani, and Deputy Director for Tubsan were among those present.”read a brief statement from the Tubsan Centre.

Hassan Moalim, the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs of the Federal Government of Somalia, along with other key government officials, also attended the commemoration event. Tubsan Center, Somalia’s national institution for preventing and countering violent extremism, played a central role in organizing and facilitating the event.

The gathering provided a platform for stakeholders to exchange ideas, share best practices, and reaffirm their commitment to combating violent extremism in Somalia. Discussions focused on the importance of community engagement, education, and youth empowerment in preventing radicalization and promoting tolerance and inclusivity.

As Somalia continues its efforts to build resilience against the threat of violent extremism, events like these underscore the significance of collaboration between government agencies, civil society organizations, and international partners in addressing this complex challenge.

Moving forward, stakeholders said they remain dedicated to implementing effective strategies and programs aimed at preventing radicalization and promoting a culture of peace and tolerance across Somalia.


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