Mogadishu: Traders at Bakaraha Market Threaten Shutdown Over Soldier Extortion


Traders at the Bakaraha Market in Mogadishu have voiced concerns over the possibility of closing their businesses, citing harassment by government soldiers who allegedly demand illegal payments.

During a press conference held on Sunday afternoon, several merchants expressed frustration with the behavior of soldiers, particularly those affiliated with the Banadir regional administration, who reportedly seek additional money beyond regular taxes.

“We are on the brink of shutting down our businesses due to the constant harassment from soldiers demanding illegal payments. We have already paid our taxes as required, but the demands for extra money persist,” stated one of the merchants.

This is not the first time such complaints have arisen among traders at Bakaraha Market, Somalia’s largest market. The ongoing issue underscores the challenges faced by business owners in navigating bureaucratic hurdles and ensuring a conducive environment for trade.

As of now, there has been no official response from the Banadir regional administration regarding the traders’ grievances. The lack of communication from authorities has only fueled the frustration among merchants, who feel unsupported in their efforts to conduct business freely and lawfully.

The threat of closure looming over Bakaraha Market highlights the urgent need for government intervention to address the concerns raised by traders.


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