Fatal Shootout in Bosaso Market Leaves One Dead, Perpetrators Escape


Bosaso, the bustling business hub of Puntland, was shaken by a series of serious attacks overnight, leaving residents and authorities on edge. The first incident unfolded in the heart of the city’s main market, where gunmen indiscriminately opened fire on unsuspecting civilians. Tragically, a trader lost his life in the hail of bullets, while the perpetrators managed to escape before security forces could intervene.

Despite a prompt response from security forces, arriving at the scene after the assailants had fled, their efforts yielded no immediate results in apprehending the attackers. The incident underscores the brazenness of the assailants and the challenges faced by authorities in maintaining law and order in the region.

In a separate, yet equally alarming attack, bombs were hurled at the residence of Puntland’s security minister, Ibrahin Haji Bakin. Fortunately, no casualties were reported in the bombing, as the minister and his family escaped unharmed. Security officials have launched an investigation into the attack and are actively pursuing the groups responsible for the assault.

The attacks come amidst a concerning trend of explosions occurring in Bosaso, particularly targeting commercial areas, over the past few months. Despite the frequency of such incidents, direct claims of responsibility have been notably absent, complicating efforts to identify and apprehend the perpetrators.

The latest wave of violence has reignited concerns about the security situation in Bosaso and the broader Bari region, prompting calls for heightened vigilance and enhanced security measures.


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