Businesses re-open in Ethiopian capital after protests


Many businesses and offices in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa reopened Friday morning, with the city appearing to resume some normalcy after days of deadly protests.
Public transport has also resumed, though there is still heavy security presence on the streets.
On Thursday night, the city mayor addressed the public urging everyone to get back to work.
The authorities have closed the Addis offices of three television stations linked with groups from three different ethnic groups, saying they are being investigated for fanning ethnic animosities.
But the stations, Asrat, Oromia Media Network and Dimsti Woyane, have continued to broadcast from their studios,
At least 81 people were killed in the country after the death of a popular singer Hachalu Hundessa sparked huge protests in the Oromia region.
Meanwhile In the eastern city of Diredawa, where two people were killed in the aftermath of the musician’s killing, the police say they have arrested more than 270 people in connection with the violence.


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