France’s macron tells putin he is making a ‘major mistake





President Emmanuel Macron has warned his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin that he is making a “major mistake” in Ukraine and that his government’s actions will cost Russia dearly over the long term, according to a French official cited by the Reuters news agency.
During talks by phone allegedly initiated by Putin, Macron also told the Russian president that he was deluding himself about the government in Kyiv, the unnamed French presidential adviser said.
Moscow has dismissed Zelenskyy’s administration as undemocratic, despite him having been elected with 73 percent of the vote in a 2019 presidential election.
“There was nothing in what President Putin said that could reassure us,” the adviser told Reuters, adding that Putin had reiterated his “narrative” that he was seeking the “de-Nazification of Ukraine”.
“You are lying to yourself,” Macron told Putin, the official said. “‘It will cost your country dearly, your country will end up isolated, weakened and under sanctions for a very long time,” the French leader allegedly added.



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