Somalia: Telecommunication Government Denies Reports of National Consultation Conference


Last time it was posted on social media reports that the meeting be held in the federal government and regional administrations agreed looga on factors related to the selection of the conflict.

Government spokesman Mohamed Ibrahim xilgaarsiinta Blues Written on it was denied published reports that the agreement reached looga points, undermine the agreement that was reached.

He said that no agreement has been reached between the leaders of the federal government and the administrations today, and that the conference has just started in a good atmosphere and will be reconvened tomorrow.

“Some rumors that there are points agreed upon on the opening day of the Electoral Consultative Conference chaired by Prime Minister Roble are baseless and baseless. The conference started in a positive atmosphere and will continue inshallah. We will share a formal agreement with you, ”said a government spokesman.

Conference opens in looga spoke decree agreement on September 17, and how to resolve controversial plans to hold elections in the pending agreement.

The conference also discussed efforts at the federal and state levels to implement and complete the electoral process, ensuring political stability and security in the country.


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